NY touch screen voting machines (DRE) look-see

vvSmall.jpgI attended a look-see for  Sequoia's touch screen voting machines in Suffolk County.  The host was Suffolk County display screen manufacturer Jaco Electronics, Inc.  They had on display the touch screen machines more common in other localities, which is about the size of a brief case when folded up.  This machines displays about two voting columns at a time, with a paper printout on a continuous roll next to the screen.

leftnavadvantage.jpgBecause NY requires the full ballot to be displayed at one time, rather than just 2 columns at a time, the machines developed for here are the size of a wide screen TV.  The initial design had 2×2 17in LCD panels to make up the whole ballot.  A re-design has a single wide screen size TV.  The machines had a paper print-out alongside the screen(s).  Under the current state regs, the paper copy cuts off and drops off on into a bag.  No copy is given to the voter.

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