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Few Long Islanders would think of wetlands as being among the most productive ecosystems in the world — comparable to rain forests and coral reefs. And yet they are absolutely vital for the protection of the environment and public health. They act to filter pollution, purify our drinking water, protect rivers, lakes and coastal waters from pollution, recharge groundwater aquifers, protect coasts from floodwaters, provide habitat for a multitude of rare animal and plant species and much, much more.

Are Long Island's elected officials doing what is truly in the public interest in regard to this precious ecological resource? 

Peconic BayKeeper Kevin McAllister has worked for years to safeguard Long Island's wetlands and will share with us the effects of current public policy in Suffolk — and in turn, exactly how your voice can turn the tide in this battle and make a meaningful difference. Kevin brings extensive professional training as a coastal biologist with more than 20 years experience in environmental resources management and protection. Attending not only to the day-to-day business of managing the organization, he also serves as the environmental steward, community educator and watchdog for the bays, working to find solutions to environmental problems, drawing attention to issues, advocating for the bays and their shores, stopping polluters and monitoring both water quality and land use. He holds undergraduate degrees in Natural Resources Conservation and Marine biology, and a Master of Science degree in Coastal Zone Management.

Mannajo Green will talk to us about actions we can take on a statewide level. Manna is a lifelong environmental professional and community activist, who avidly supports collaborative land use planning and problem solving. Working to promote sustainable agriculture and green building and landscaping practices, she teaches communities how to integrate environmental preservation, economic prosperity (based on quality of life indicators), and social equity using effective communication.

Don't miss this night of learning and action as we are treated to information about one of Long Island's mostly hidden, but priceless treasures.  _________________________ And while we listen and learn, your little ones will be entertained in the kids room … ___________ Call 631-421-5591, e-mail: All details on web at: __________________________ DETAILS Join us for fun, friends and a completely plant-based potluck dinner and an opportunity to hear our inspiring speaker. KIDS ACTIVITIES WILL BE HELD DURING EVERY LECTURE so bring the family! LOCATION: Sweet Hollow Hall, Melville West Hills County Park (Gwynne Road, Just N. of the N. State Pkwy. W. off Rte. 110) complete directions at: REQUESTED DONATION: $7 General Public / $4 HealthyPlanet Members (Additional $8 will be requested of those attending dinner portion of meeting and not bringing food to share). KIDS UNDER 12 ARE FREE RESERVATIONS Requested: Call 631-421-5591, e-mail: All details: IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO A DINNER/LECTURE OR NEED DIRECTIONS: log onto our website for all the details, directions and for what to bring! END OF 4/15 EVENT INFO… ============================================================================ UPCOMING EVENTS… ============================================================================ 1. — "HealthyPlanet On Tour" at a Library near you! — Wantagh Public Library, Saturday, April 15th, 1:30 pm 3285 Park Avenue Wantagh Seaford Public Library,  Saturday, April 22nd–Earth Day, 11 am 2234 Jackson Avenue Seaford Merrick Public Library, Tuesday, May 23rd, 7:30 pm 2051 Sunrise Highway, Merrick MANY MORE DATES BEING ADDED!!!! ============================================================================ 2. — Next Dinner/Lecture on Saturday, May 20th —  with guest speaker Dr. Kelly Buckley  speaking on: "Living a Drug Free Life: Just Say 'No' to Prescription and OTC Drugs!" The body is AMAZING.  A look at how the body works without drugs, and how it works when drugs and chemicals are introduced.    The facts on the short and long term damaging effects for you and the environment.   Learn strategies for reducing and eliminating the need for harmful medications! for more info go to:  after this weekend! Saturday, May 20 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Sweet Hollow Hall in Melville West Hills County Park on Gwynne Road NOTE NEW EARLIER EVENT TIMES!!!! Doors Open: 6:00 pm    Dinner: 6:30    Lecture: 7:30 Attend any or all portions of the event! ============================================================================ 631 421-5591 HealthyPlanet… Working with you, and for you!

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