Global Warming Goes Mainstream


It's official:  global warming has gone mainstream.  On TV, in the theaters, and on the web–global warming is everywhere.  Following are a few of the latest films that can help all of us working on the issue to communicate the urgency of transforming our energy system to our friends, families, and colleagues.

Too Hot Not to Handle – This HBO documentary looks at the impact of global warming on the United States and what steps we can take to reduce the threat.  Watch for David Friedman, research director of the UCS Clean Vehicles Program.  Click here to see when it's playing in your area and host a house party.

An Inconvenient Truth – Opening in theaters on May 24, this documentary tells the story of former Vice President Al Gore’s efforts to educate the public on the urgency of global warming and our moral obligation to address it. Bring some friends to opening weekend; click here to find a theater near you.

Climate: A Crisis Averted – Global warming is a daunting challenge.  To give us all a needed boost, here's a four minute web film that is an uplifting and light retrospective (from the year 2055) about how America rose to meet the climate challenge.  View the film and share it with your friends and family.

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