Cheerleader becomes Commissioner

Green wins by a landslide in Lake Worth Commission race

On March 29th, Cara Jennings, 29, was elected to the Lake Worth, Florida, City Commission by a two-thirds margin. Jennings, a long time community activist, co-founder of the Radical Cheerleaders, and one of the Utne Reader’s “30 Under 30 young movers and shakers of 2002,” plans to make affordable housing and community participation her top priorities while in office.

“People can expect to see me as a very hands-on commissioner,” Jennings said in a recent interview with the Palm Beach Post. “I believe strongly that the community’s needs and desires should be reflected through their commissioner.”

Jennings, employed as youth mentor at Forest Hill High School, was outspent 3 to 1 by her opponent, local business owner Jorge Goyannes. Developers and “big sugar” companies largely financed the Goyannes campaign, while Jennings raised money primarily from family and friends. Jennings also won the endorsement of local chapters of the Sierra Club, National Organization for Women, and the AFL-CIO.

Jennings credits her win with a major door-to-door campaign effort. This effort seems to have paid off in light of high voter turn out. She won the support of many conservative voters who were uncomfortable with recent disclosures of her opponent’s business ventures, which have included proprietorship of an escort service.

“Most people know that government can’t solve all their problems but they want to know that elected officials are accessible to then and share their concerns,” Jennings told “the Palm Beach Post.

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