Vote for Peace, Vote for Brown

Gpnylogobwj1.JPGJim Brown

for Congress, 3rd CD

Green Party


Say "NO!" to War

· End the War and Occupation of Iraq NOW

· Health Care for All

· Strengthen Social Security

· Repeal the Patriot Act

· Fair approach to immigration reform

· Repeal NAFTA

· End corporate welfare

· Curb global warming, less dependence on oil

· Preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Vote Tues, November 7th

Vote Green, Vote for Brown

Jim Brown is 59 years old. Jim and his wife Gail have a grown son, Ethan, who lives in the Albany area. Jim grew up in Bayside, Queens and has been a Long Islander since the mid-1970’s.He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University, a Doctorate in Sociology from Boston College, and a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Long Island University. He currently works as a reference librarian at a public library.

Labor, peace and environmental issues are Jim’s chief concerns. He was a shop steward in two unions, Local 1199 Health Care Workers, and Local 810 of the Teamsters.

Jim has been active in campaigns for peace, beginning with the Vietnam War and continuing to his present opposition to the War in Iraq.

Jim is serves on the board of the South Shore Audubon Society and helping construct hiking trails as a member of the West of Hudson Trail Crew of the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

Jim was a 2001 Green Party candidate for the Long Beach City Council.

Contact Jim Brown(516) 432-8156

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