Why Good, Progressive Democrats in New York Shouldn’t Vote for the Democrat

[From Irregular Times]

by jclifford
The outcome of the New York State election for Governor this year is pretty much settled. The New York Republicans have failed to come up with a
candidate that even Republican voters are fond of, and there is no serious rivalry in the New York State Democratic field. Eliot Spitzer is a 
shoe-in. Two-thirds of voters favor him for Governor.

That's why I'm suggesting tonight that good Democrats in New York State not vote for Eliot Spitzer.

Consider this: Eliot Spitzer was an enthusiastic supporter of Bush's invasion of Iraq. Spitzer actually said, in the weeks before the war 
began, that George W. Bush should rush to war, to get into the battle as soon as possible. 

More at http://www.greensforgreens.org 

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