McDonald’s peddling gas guzzlers to our kids


Tell McDonald’s to Remove the Hummer Toys

Even as gas prices and global warming are starting to change American consumers’ attitudes on fuel economy, McDonald’s “Hummer of a Summer” campaign is peddling toy versions of the iconic gas-guzzling H1, H2, and H3 SUVs. Ironically, this promotion targets kids—a group especially at risk from the myriad respiratory and heat-related illnesses caused by smog-forming and global warming pollution from autos.In 2003, UCS activists successfully pressured McDonald’s to cut back its purchases of meat from suppliers who overuse antibiotics that are important to fighting human disease. Now tell Don Thompson, Chief Operations Officer of McDonald’s USA, to demonstrate support for children’s health and the environment by removing the Hummer toys from its Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals. All the best,

Scott Nathanson
National Field Organizer
Clean Vehicles Program


Subject: Remove the Hummer Toys from Kid’s MealsDear Mr. Don Thompson,I am writing to ask that you immediately cease your promotion of gas-guzzling Hummer vehicles to children.McDonald’s decision to peddle the quintessential gas-guzzler, the Hummer, shows a tremendous lack of sensitivity and care for the health and well-being of America’s kids.

The Hummer H2, one of the eight models offered as a promotional toy, achieves an estimated 11-14 miles per gallon and costs nearly $100 to fill up at today’s gas prices. Like many other large, inefficient vehicles, the H2 emits significantly more smog-forming and global warming pollution than most passenger cars on the road today, placing children, whose respiratory systems are still maturing, at risk for the wide variety of health problems associated with auto pollution.

Targeting the next generation of car buyers with pro-Hummer marketing sends the wrong message—that gas-guzzling in the face of environmental, public health and national security concerns is desirable. This campaign serves only to undermine McDonald’s efforts to improve its environmental and public health image, including its laudable decision to reduce the use of antibiotics by its poultry suppliers.

I urge you to pull the Hummer toys from your Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals and replace them with promotional items that send the right message to our kids.


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