ALERT: Tell Your U.S. Representative to Oppose H.R. 5092 and 5005

With Gun Crime Up, Why Would The House Protect Criminals?
Tell Your U.S. Representative to Oppose H.R. 5092 and 5005

Last week, the Justice Department released a report that found criminal gun violence grew by an alarming 49.4% between 2004 and 2005, and affected more than 477,000 victims, or 146,000 more than were affected just the year before. This number of victims was also the highest since 2001.

Yet, instead of taking action to make communities safer, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee approved two bills that would protect corrupt gun dealers. These bills could be voted on by the entire House very soon. Your past efforts have raised awareness about these dangerous bills. Let’s keep up the pressure: tell Congress that you oppose these attacks on law enforcement and public safety.

Tell him/her: “Don’t Protect Corrupt Gun Dealers.
Stand with Law Enforcement and Oppose H.R. 5092 and 5005”

H.R. 5092 is the misnamed “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Modernization and Reform Act.” Rather than modernizing or reforming ATF, H.R. 5092 would cripple the Bureau’s enforcement powers and protect gun dealers who repeatedly violate federal law. This legislation would largely replace ATF’s revocation powers with minimal fines and temporary license suspensions.

H.R. 5092 would make it virtually impossible for ATF to shut down rogue gun dealers, who repeatedly violate federal law. With gun violence and crime increasing across the nation, it is time to crack down on, not coddle, corrupt gun dealers.

Another unnecessary and counterproductive effort, H.R. 5005 would limit the information available to law enforcement, other government officials, and the public about crime guns, their connection to gun dealers, and the effectiveness of gun laws in disrupting the illegal market. Previous reports released by ATF, along with the efforts of state and local law enforcement, have helped shut down many corrupt gun dealers who were routinely violating federal law and supplying murderers, drug dealers, and other thugs with guns.

In addition, H.R. 5005 would undermine other federal firearm laws including: creating a loophole in the federal ban on importation of non-sporting firearms, including assault weapons, and reducing parental supervision of minors using handguns.

At a time when communities across the country are desperately seeking help against violent and deadly gun criminals, the backward proposals in H.R. 5092 and 5005 would actually make the situation worse. Congress should reject H.R. 5092 and 5005 and, instead, provide law enforcement with stronger tools and resources to fight gun crimes.

Here’s What You Can Do Today to Help:

Email Your U.S. Representative Today.
Tell him or her: “Oppose H.R. 5092 and 5005. Stand with Law Enforcement, not Corrupt Gun Dealers.” Click here to send your Representative an email.

Please tell your U.S. Representative today to stand with cops, not with corrupt gun dealers: don’t make it easier for gun traffickers and criminals to get guns.

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