Help Amy Goodman interview an anti-war Senate candidate

Dear Greens-

Amy Goodman will have our Senate candidate Howie Hawkins on the show, but she needs to hear that listeners want him on. This would be great national media exposure.

Can you help? I need you to write a letter, and you can modify or use my boilerplate version, below.

Please email, fax, call etc:

For NYC folks: If someone can physical drop off a letter @ their HQ, that would be great. Since we’d like an interview for next Friday, snail mail won’t be fast enough, unless over-nighted.

Democracy Now!
87 Lafayette St., Ground Floor
New York, NY 10013
Call : (212) 431-9090
Fax : (212) 431-8858

Here’s the sample letter. Make it original. Open it with some personal details about what you appreciated her covering recently.

The links in the final paragraphs are optional….but I recommend highly putting in a mention of the recent Nader endorsement, recall that Amy was a big Nader supporter….in 2000.

Dear Amy,

I am writing you today to urge you to interview NY Green Senate candidate Howie Hawkins, on September 29th, this Friday. Hawkins is a staunch supporter of peace in Iraq, universal health-care, and alternative energy. His vision and his voice need to be heard by the entire range of progressives. He belongs on Democracy Now! which is the media news source that his supporters trust the most.

For a taste of recent media, please check out tv footage from yesterday, when Nader endorsed Howie.

Also, check out the New York Megaphone (a new pro-Green newspaper, in print and online) interview with Howie at:


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