2006 Initiative and Referenda Election Preview

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 /U.S. Newswire/ — Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) released their 2006 Initiative and Referenda Election Preview today, making it available at http://www.ballot.org.

The report is the result of fine-toothed combing, careful analysis, and a broadly strategic view of how the initiative process is shaped. This definitive guide to ballot measures covers everything from six minimum wage initiatives to a handful of tax limitation measures; from GPS tracking of sexual predators to a million-dollar reward for just showing up at the polls.

“This is the third most active election cycle for ballot initiatives since the first measure was voted on in 1904,” said BISC Executive Director Kristina Wilfore. “Many of the 2006 measures carry the potential to influence competitive candidate races and the election at large.”

The report includes:

— A state-by-state list of all initiatives and referenda on the ballot in 2006.

— Analysis of political trends, spending, and turnout — including the most interesting “follow the money” stories.

— In-depth reports on the biggest issues of the year, including minimum wage, TABOR, regulatory takings, reproductive choice, education, stem cell research, and much more.

BISC’s 2006 Initiative and Referenda Election Preview can be downloaded at http://www.ballot.org.

The mission of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is to bring together state and national groups committed to strategic grassroots ballot initiative campaigns in order to strengthen progressive politics and policies across the states and build an effective response to the right-wing’s damaging initiative strategy.

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