David McReynolds responds to Pete Seeger

I was delighted to see your post urging people to vote independently. In New York State there is really only one way they can do that – the Working Families Party (which is not, in itself, at all a bad idea) has cross-endorsed Hillary Clinton for Senate. Which is, frankly, a sad and disgraceful act.

But Howie Hawkins, a solid young guy from upstate New York, is running a terrific campaign for Senate on the Green ticket – despite being blacked out of the debates. There is only ONE WAY to vote against the war here in New York, and I’m sorry to say it isn’t the Working Families Party – it is by voting Green.


From: “Pete Seeger” peteseeger@votewfp.org
Subject: Bring Them Home
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:04:06 -0400 (EDT)

Protest music has been around for thousands of years. It just leaks outevery so often and helps make history.

A group of young people and not-so-young people have gotten together to sing one of my songs that I wrote around 1965 about the Vietnam War. And they’ve done what I did a few years ago; they’re singing it about the situation in Iraq. “Bring ’em Home!”

You can watch them singing and share it with your friends right here: http://www.workingfamiliesparty.org/bringthemhome/

What they are saying is we need to send the politicians a message in a language they understand: election day votes. Here in New York, voting on the Working Families line is the best way to tell the politicians, bring them home, bring them home.

We’re in a very dangerous situation. The problems in the Middle East are not going away – they’re getting worse. Churchill said, anybody who>thinks, when they get into a war, that they know what’s going to happen, is fooling themselves. With all the power that the American militaryestablishment has, they still cannot predict all the things that are
going to happen.

To quote Martin Luther King, the weakness of violence is that it always creates more violence. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.

That’s the message at the end of the song, “the world needs teachers, books and schools . . . And learning a few universal rules.” I’m glad they left that verse in.

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