Brian Sendrowitz @ the Songbox

Brian Sendrowitz We saw Brian play solo at the Song Box in Seaford.  A rare treat since he is concentrating on his band, Beat Radio.  As always, Brian’s thoughtful lyrics; full-bodied playing; bundled energy; kind spirit; and expressive voice drew us in.  Though Beat Radio’s full album is available for free download as a zip file, he was kind enough to give us a burned version.  Since Phil Jimenez not only produced the album, but also plays keyboard and guitar in the band it is not surprsing that it has the perfectly seasoned sound of Brian’s 2 solo albums which Phil also produced and sat in on.

Brian’s also turned me on to Phil & Vanessa’s new project, Easy Anthems.  We booked one of the last gigs of their last band together, Jordan River.  After that Phil got big as the producer of Wheatus.  Or as Easy Anthems puts it:

“We Broke Up, And We Made Music, And We Got Back Together, And We Made Music, And We Got Married, And We Made Music, And We Broke Up, And We Made A Kid, And We Got Back Together, And We Made Music”

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