Jonathan Tasini: Hypocrisy by the Working Families Party

from Tasini for New York:

I understand politics without principle–but hypocrisy doesn’t do it for me. Here’s what the Working Families Party had to say to the press about the Senate race:

For Immediate Release: September 19, 2006

Executive Director of the Working Families Party

“Like Jonathan Tasini, the Working Families Party opposes the war in Iraq. It has not made us safer, and hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent overseas that should be directed to pressing needs at home.

The WFP also enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate.

Voters who oppose the war should vote for Hillary Clinton, the best candidate for the job, on the Working Families Party line, because doing so will send a message that it’s time to bring the troops home.”

I’ll have more to say about this next week (I’m headed out for a few days to read and sleep but keep discussing issues here) but this is absurd and pathetic.

It’s one thing to abandon your principles and support a pro-war Democrat to simply curry favor and get votes for your party. But, then, to tell voters to vote for a pro-war Democrat as a way to protest the war…I’m sorry, that is simply ugly. It is entirely disrespectful of the tens of thousands of people who were killed in this war.

It’s one reason I can assure the WFP I will not be voting for any of the party’s candidates–and I urge every other person to shun the WFP in this election. That is the way to send a message to the WFP.

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