Thank you Long Island!

Malachy’s vote totals in Nassau and Suffolk exceeded expectations

Each area of the state needed to exceed the 2002 Green Party Governor tallies by 20% in order to achieve the ballot status numbers.  Suffolk exceeded the 2002 numbers by 42%, jumping from 1,978 to 2,801 votes.  And Nassau exceeded the 2002 numbers by 52%, jumping from 1,572 to 2,397.

The statewide total was 40,356 for the Governor’s race. We needed 50,000 in order to earn automatic ballot status.

 Since our other statewide candidates received over 50,000 votes, many in our party believe we have demonstrated enough statewide support for a ballot line. U.S. Senate candidate Howie Hawkins has called for a lawsuit for ballot status, based on this success and a similar, winning lawsuit in Alaska.  For more information, about your local greens, go to  And, to help build the Green Party of New York State, please go to

In addition, based on  our successul petition drive, you may still register Green in New York by writing in “Green” on the line that says “other” on a voter registration form.

Many thanks for all your help and support.

Yours Truly,

      Roger Snyder          Senior Advisor, Long Island for Malachy!
      Kimberly Wilder     Chair, Long Island for Malachy!
      Ian Wilder                Treasurer, Long Island for Malachy!

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