Peak Oil Will Spur Risky Exploration

Independent Oil and Natural Gas Investment Research Report Published by Altenews

NEW YORK, Nov. 13 /U.S. Newswire/ — Today the alternative energy news website published a report called “A Research Report on Investment in Independent Oil and Natural Gas Exploration: Black Gold is Back.” The report, written by Altenews President Russell Hasan, is available to the public free of charge on the Web site The report is unique among oil and natural gas research reports for investors in that the report takes into account the phenomenon of peak oil and its effect on oil exploration and the global energy economy. The report argues that peak oil, the global decline in oil resources, will drive the price of oil up, making unconventional oil and gas exploration and drilling more profitable. When an independent oil or gas company finds oil or gas, it becomes a target for acquisition, causing stock prices to go up. The report explains types of unconventional oil and gas exploration, such as oil sand and oil shale, drilling technology, geology and regions and many other important subjects.

The report covers all the major topics relevant to unconventional oil and gas, including:

— Peak Oil and Its Effects

— The Price of Oil

— Independent Oil and Gas Companies

— Unconventional Oil

— Oil Sand

— Oil Shale

— Unconventional Gas

— LNG and GTL

— Biogas

— Coal Bed Methane

— Shale Gas

— Tight Gas

An excerpt from the report follows:

“In simple terms of economics, oil supply is elastic, while oil demand is inelastic. Therefore, as oil demand rises, oil supply will rise and the price of oil at the point of equilibrium will go up. The smart investor will be able to profit off the rise in oil prices by investing in unconventional oil and gas.”

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