When it comes to media, bigger isn’t better.

Take the Fox network.  Huge.  Incredibly powerful.  Direct line to the White House.  And even Bill O’Reilly admits it’s biased.1

So what’s the solution?  More outlets with more voices.  But the FCC wants to allow big media to get even bigger, depriving us of the news and information we need.

Common Cause needs to send 25,000 letters in 23 days to show the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that the public doesn’t want the media ownership rules loosened.

Help take our airwaves back!

Click here to tell the FCC: No handouts for Fox!

The regulations that have allowed Fox to get so huge are being reconsidered this month.  We won the fight last time, in 2003, but only after a major public outcry.   We need you now.

Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire owner of Fox, has been using his media power to push his political agenda for far too long.

• In 2000, Fox put George W. Bush’s first cousin in charge of election analysis.  When mixed polling results came in from Florida, Fox was first to call the state — and thus the presidency — for Bush.  Fox CEO Roger Ailes later had to apologize to Congress for giving the nation “bad information.”2

Carl Cameron led coverage of the Bush campaign for Fox in 2004, while his wife Pauline was actively campaigning for Bush and traveling with Bush’s sister.   Fox did not believe there was any conflict of interest.

After years as a Fox commentator (and unofficial mouthpiece for the Bush administration), Tony Snow is now the White House Press Secretary.   He controls who asks questions at press briefings and which reporters get access to White House information and sources — shaping our news every day.

Call that “Fair and Balanced”?  Enough is enough.

Click here to send your letter to the FCC right now! Tell them big media is BAD NEWS.

Let’s say NO to special favors for Fox and the other media giants.

Thanks for all you do for Common Cause.


The Common Cause Media Reform Team
Lauren Coletta, Celia Wexler and Dawn Iype

P.S.  Help us spread the word by putting a button on your website, blog or MySpace page.  Download images at http://www.commoncause.org/FaceOfBigMedia.

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