Book(s) of the Month 12/06

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Your Money Or Your Life Transforming You
by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin sparked the modern simplicity movement. It remains one of the pre-eminent sources for how to create financial freedom by seperating your needs from your wants. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is the progeny of Thoreau’s “On Walden Pond”. The Harvard-educated Thoreau freed himself from the business world by by taking the extraordinary measure of changing his life from pencil manufacturer to squatter. Dominguez and Robin suggest a less drastic change by helping you re-direct your prosperity from consumer driven wants to enough wealth to stop working.

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Our nephews love this book: Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy by Jean Stoick and Carl R. Sams II. The anachronistic interaction of the snowman from the world of people with the animals of the forest creates a compelling view of nature. “This is a bestselling, award-winning tale of animals reacting to a snowman that appears in their woods. Who is this mysterious stranger? The animals of the forest want to know.”

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