Tips for E-filing Your FEC Report


Every time a FEC report is due, clients will call about not being able to file their FEC report. This happens because the FEC server which is processing all those FEC reports is becoming overloaded. Since this is a FEC issue, not, we have some recommendations for clients to prevent this from happening.

Start the report at least 2 weeks in advance to check for errors, etc.: If you run and check the report at least 2 weeks in advance, you can resolve errors, add missing items, etc, faster and send off your report before the actual filing due date.

Make sure you have your FEC passwords:Complete does not have the passwords that are issued by the FEC. If you do not have the password, contact your Treasurer since they would have received one.

FEC reports are sometimes due on weekends: Sometimes the FEC report is due over the weekend. If this is the case, keep in mind that the FEC closes at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. So any help that you may need from your FEC Analyst, will need to be done by that Friday at 5:00pm EST, before the due date.

FEC report is always due by 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time: Anything past 12:01pm EST is considered late and you are subject to fines by the FEC. Try submitting your e-filing a few hours before the filing deadline time, in case, the FEC server becomes overloaded and prevents you from e-filing your report. This gives you a cushion to still submit the report and not waiting until the eleventh hour.

Amendments can wait:If you are trying to file an amendment before you file the report that is due at the moment, remember you can wait to file those amendments until the next day. This is especially important to remember if the FEC server is having problems. Make your first concern the report due at the moment, and file the amendments the following day when the FEC is not so overwhelmed.

Please remember these are recommendations in efiling your FEC reports and hope to alleviate any extra stress from the filers lives.

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