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Congratulations! Earlier this month, the gavel fell on the 109th Congress, marking the demise of efforts to legislate away Net Neutrality — and a stunning victory for real people who fought to retain control of the Internet.

The fate of Net Neutrality has now been passed to more Web-friendly Congress. But we can’t just wait on our elected officials to beat back the next assault from the phone and cable companies.

To help spread the word, has created a YouTube video called “Independence Day.”

Watch the Video Now

Our coalition pledges to work with the new Congress to craft bolder policies that ensure all Americans can enjoy the unlimited choices the Internet has to offer.

We can now have a long overdue public conversation about what the future of the Internet should look like. This will not only include Net Neutrality, but making the Internet faster, more affordable and accessible to everyone.

The only way to win a better Internet in 2007 is to tell the new Congress that Internet freedom is a priority. But we need more Americans to join the fight. By forwarding this YouTube video to friends, you can help spread our message and build momentum for the New Year.

As the narrator says in the video: “We need to sound the alarm now … use the Internet to Save the Internet.”

You can help us start 2007 on the right foot by watching the video and telling your friends to “stand by for action.”

Best Wishes for the New Year,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director

1. Don’t forget to join other activists at our blowout party on January 11 in Memphis to kick off the National Conference for Media Reform. Click here to learn more.

2. Stay up to date on the latest campaign developments at

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