beat radio at union hall friday 12/29/06

download the great big sea LP now at beatradio.orgSee Beat Radio Live this Friday, December 29th at Union Hall! This show also features The Mugs, who are awesome. Union Hall is located at 702 Union Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Check out the flyer here.

We’re pretty excited to be included on a bunch of best of ’06 lists. Check out Lost in Your inbox, where The Great Big Sea ranked at #3 on the top ten albums list.

And thanks to everyone who voted for treetops for best song over at the Free Indie Awards, where it placed at a respectable #2.

Here are some other fantastic bloggers who included us, looking back on a great year:

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also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this great feature/interview over at

Let me ask about the mandolin in “Identical With His Breath.” Whose idea was that?

I was playing that…I’ll pick up a mandolin, start playing it and write a melody on it. That was from a tape recorder. I always keep a tape recorder for writing new ideas. And I found it one day, going through some old recordings, because I wanted to put some noise on top of the piano, and I was like ‘oh, this is the perfect key,’ and it matched up perfectly. But it was a total random moment, and a kind of cut and paste.

How many instruments do you play? Is it kind of unlimited?

It’s not unlimited. I play mandolin, I play guitars, I play keyboards and organs. I’m not really adept, but I play to get the textures. I do that stuff at home. So the mandolin was a random thing on the tape recorder. But Phil’s more a genuine multi-instrumentalist. I’m starting to play banjo, which I played on “Ancient as the Stars.” I mess around. I think the fact that I don’t know how to play them…

It’s endearing.

I hope so. I feel like it’s more of a punk rock way of going about it.

In the production of that “Identical,” it begins at the end to sound a little bit like a “Books” song. There seems to be a recording of someone speaking?

Yeah, that’s actually his wife.

That’s my wife. There’s this line in the Bob Dylan documentary, where Allen Ginsberg says “What struck me about Dylan is that, in that time, he’d become identical with his breath.” Which makes no sense at all, but…(laugher)

It’s Ginsberg.

It’s Ginsberg. But it made perfect sense to me, because he’d…become like a pane of light, or a pane of air, just saying how he’s become…what was coming out of his mouth was a pure expression of him as an artist. That’s how I took it. And me being an enormous fan of both of those guys, and obsessed with that movie when it came out…for months…I didn’t want to sample it, so I had my wife say it.

Is that over and over?

I just took a clip from the same tape recorder and looped it around. I made her say that into a tape recorder at like 7am on a Sunday morning, and it was bizarre. Then I mixed it by 10, and I was like “it’s done!” It was so much fun for me.

thanks so much for everyone who supported us this year, and best wishes for 2007.

hope to see you friday!



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