Big Win for Net Neutrality… For Now

Last night, we scored a significant victory in the fight to protect Net Neutrality. After intense public pressure, AT&T executives agreed to adhere to Network Neutrality conditions in order to secure FCC approval for their mega-merger with BellSouth.

While the merger itself raises serious concerns, this agreement sets a crucial precedent for Internet freedom. It’s now up to the new Congress to finish the work of the FCC and make Net Neutrality permanent under the law.

Tell Congress to Make Net Neutrality the Law

The agreement sets the bar for all future Internet policy, and paves the way for Congress to make Net Neutrality the law in 2007. That’s why it’s vital for you to speak up now.

Before Congress begins its new session on January 4, your elected officials need to hear from you. Sign this letter to let them know that it’s time they stand with the more than a million people who spoke out forcefully in support of Internet freedom in 2006 and want permanent Net Neutrality.

Act Now: Tell Congress to Make Net Neutrality the Law

As the New Year begins, we need to stand ready and take our fight for a faster, more open and accessible Internet back to Congress. With your help, we can create a better Internet for everyone.

Best Wishes,

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

1. For more details on AT&T’s concession, read Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu’s analysis at

2. Watch our “Top Rated” YouTube video to see highlights in the fight for Internet Freedom.

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