Are Third Parties the Answer?

by Martin Zehr

For years there has been a constant debate concerning the role of Third Parties and whether or not they play an active role in American politics. For the past six years Ralph Nader has been subjected to numerous efforts both legal and through the media to not only discredit his standing as a candidate but to deny him his rights as an American citizen. Mr. Nader has become aware of the limitations of advocacy in the 21st century in America. He has raised the banner of electoral politics not only because the foundations are currently in a financial crunch, but also because the road to power is the only one capable of accomplishing the legislative and structural changes now needed to move America forward.

Standing in opposition to this road have been long-time Democratic stalwarts, Barney Frank and Tom Hayden. They are apparently the designated hit-men for the Democrats when it comes to trying to marginalize third party efforts such as the Greens. Their credentials have established them a base among liberals and new century radicals. They’re actions indicate profound hesitation towards an agenda that can implement change in the 21st century.

The situation being what it is there can be no illusion that there is not a potential for either a left of center third party such as the Greens, or a right of center party, such as the Reform or Libertarian Parties. The question is why doesn’t it happen?

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