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Rev. Jesse Jackson at the National Conference for Media Reform
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Bill Moyers’ Keynote Address
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This weekend more than 3,500 media reform activists This weekend more than 3,500 media reform activists gathered in Memphis for the National Conference for Media Reform, and thousands more participated online. It was an incredibly inspiring and informative weekend.

Even if you couldn’t make it to Memphis, it’s not too late join in this historic event:

  • Watch video highlights of speeches from Bill Moyers, Jesse Jackson, Geena Davis, Jane Fonda, Bernie Sanders, Helen Thomas, Van Jones and more.
  • Listen to the audio from all of the nearly 100 conference sessions and panels and hear daily highlights from our Media Minutes radio show and podcast.
  • Read the news and blogs about the conference and see photos from the event.
  • Find out more ways to take action on media issues and connect with local activists and organizers near you.

It’s almost unbelievable that thousands of people from every state in the union converged in one place for three days to talk about how to fix the problems in our media. It is proof that media reform is becoming a real political issue in this country: that Americans are no longer willing to passively accept the status quo.

We were reminded that media reform is crucial not just in creating better media but advancing every issue we care about: civil rights, education, the environment, the economy, health care, fair elections. Solving any of these problems will be impossible without fixing the media.

Momentum is building for real change, and Memphis was just the beginning. What matters now is where we go from here. We are committed to work with you and translate this weekend’s conference into a winning strategy, with the tangible actions and alliances needed to forge a better media.

Enjoy the online resources, and stay tuned.


Yolanda Hippensteele
Outreach Director
Free Press

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