2/5/07: Campus day of Action for Watada

On February 5th Lt. Watada, the first commissioned officer of the U.S Military to both speak out and actively resist the war and occupation of Iraq will face court marshal. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the national day of action planned for February 5th. If there is an event already happening in your area, by all means participate and help make it a success. If there is nothing planned where you are at you are encouraged to try to organize something. Even something as simple as canvassing a shopping mall, or your campus with handouts about Lt.Watada will help get his story out to a nation already outraged by this war.
It was great to see so many of you in D.C on Saturday. Lets keep the momentum going and stand in solidarity with our war resisters. Making the Lt.Watada’s story know to the public will help end this war.
Everything you need to organize this event can be found at:

As always please report back to a member of the CAN CC letting us know about your event, this way we can promote the good work all of you are doing on your campuses.

In Solidarity,
Chris Schwartz
Campus Antiwar Network

Campus Antiwar Network
“College Not Combat, Troops Out Now!”
Check us out online at: www.campusantiwar.net

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