Kevin Bacon offers Six Degrees grants & more

Kevin Bacon is offering six, $10,000 grants to nonprofits through, a new web site in partnership with Network for Good that builds on the popularity of the “small world phenomenon” to inspire giving to charities online. Through, nonprofits and individuals can create charity badges to fundraise for their favorite causes on their own web sites, blogs and AIM Pages, as well as view a sampling of badges and a gallery of celebrity badges.The six non-celebrity badges that have the most number of donations between January 18th and March 31st at 11:59pm ET will get a matching grant of up to $10,000 each from Kevin Bacon. To qualify for the grants, nonprofits simply create a Six Degrees Charity Badge, and they will automatically be eligible to receive the matching grant.Tips for Personal Fundraising
Personal fundraising campaigns are effective because donors are more compelled to say “Yes” to someone who they share a common connection with. Nonprofit organizations are learning that by working with supporters to become a voice for their mission, they are able to increase both awareness and dollars raised. Applications, like Network for Good’s Charity Badges, offer individuals with a way to personally tell others why they should support their favorite organizations and help raise funds on their behalf. Apply these tips when creating charity badges or personal fundraising campaigns.

  1. Personalize the Message.
    Add a touching photo, a compelling story and tangible reason to give. The campaign should have a personal voice with their thoughts on why people should support your nonprofit. Link to a compelling video or online slide show to help visually tell your story.
  2. Donate to Your Own Campaign.
    People like to feel they are part of a larger effort. It’s not inspiring to see zero donations on a badge, so donate to your own badge to get fundraising momentum started for your cause.
  3. Post the Badge/Link Everywhere.
    Put the badge or link to your fundraising page on the home page of your website. If you are using a Network for Good Charity Badge, tell people that their donations could help your nonprofit get a matching grant from Kevin Bacon and Six Degrees. Do the same on your nonprofits’ blog(s), and post an entry about your efforts that encourages people to submit comments and ideas for getting the word out. You can also put a link in your staff email signatures. Put a photo in the signature that is hyperlinked to the URL to grab more attention.

    1. Send a Link to People in Your Email Address Book.
      Ask all staff to send the badge link to the people in their own email address books. Ask for donations and encourage these contacts to forward your email to others. Your professional and personal circle is most likely to support you.
    2. Promote to Your Donor List.
      Email your donors, targeting the call to action to the level of supporter they are. Ask occasional donors to simply give via the badge so your organization can receive a matching grant from Kevin Bacon. For your steadiest, most enthusiastic supporters, ask them to post the badge on their email signatures, websites or blogs and encourage them to pass it on to their own friends and family.
    3. Ask Bloggers to Join Your Cause.
      Go to and search for blogs that are focused on your issue. Tell bloggers about your campaign and ask them to post on your efforts. They have a circle of active readers who are likely to care about your campaign.
    4. Take Your Laptop Everywhere.
      Ask your closest supporters – staff, board members, friends – to bring a laptop to social events, church meetings or other gatherings when they can talk about your cause and ask people to donate on the spot.
    5. Thank People and Report Back on Progress.
      Use your Donation Tracking Report to monitor donations and thank people quickly. Tell them the progress you’re making for your important cause, so they feel good about themselves and the difference you’re making together.

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