Mall and Workplace Shootings Are Appalling Tragedies

Honor the Victims by Fighting for Strong Gun Laws

On Monday evening, we were all saddened to hear about two tragic shootings: one at a mall in Salt Lake City and one at a workplace in Philadelphia.

In Utah, an 18-year-old boy shot and killed five people, including a 15-year-old girl, at Salt Lake City’s Trolley Square mall. At least four others were wounded and taken to local hospitals. In Philadelphia, a gunman shot and killed three business associates and wounded another before killing himself.

We send our heartfelt condolences to the victims of these shootings and to everyone who has been affected by these events. Every year, 30,000 Americans are killed with firearms and more than 65,000 are treated in emergency rooms with firearm injuries.

Every shooting is a tragedy and an outrage. If you agree, add your name to our list.

What a disturbed teenager in Utah and a tormented businessman in Pennsylvania have in common is that they had easy access to guns. We must reduce access to guns by people who shouldn’t have them. Where and how did these shooters get the guns that they used? The Brady Campaign is committed to passing laws to ensure that guns don’t get into the wrong hands and to stop illegal gun trafficking.

We are outraged that senseless killings like these happen all too frequently, and when they do, many elected leaders turn a blind eye. Enough is enough! If you would like to be counted as one of the people in your community who is outraged by this tragedy, add your name to our growing list.

And, please send this email to at least two of your friends so that our list can grow and our elected officials understand that Americans want them to act to end these kinds of tragedies.

We should no longer tolerate tragedy after tragedy in our schools, our workplaces, and in our communities. It will still take a lot of work, but working together we can make a difference.

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