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On Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 7pm, the Babylon Green Party hosted a discussion of counter-recruiting activities on Long Island with Karen Sackett and Sheila Croke, who are activists in the Suffolk Peace Network. The new location for the gathering is at Pisces Cafe, 14A Railroad Avenue, Babylon, NY (631-321-1231) (map) Come hungry!

Karen Sackett is a member of the Long Island Counter Military Recruiting Committee of the Suffolk Peace Network that was created after two of her three teenaged children were approached by military recruiters. The committee has been demonstrating outside of military recruiting stations throughout Long Island for over two years. Members have been meeting with high school administrations as well as attending board meetings and PTA meetings to obtain equal access alongside military recruiters in public high schools. Karen is also an associate member of the newly formed Veterans For Peace, Chapter 138 and has established a Veterans Speaker & Advocacy Bureau. The speakers consist of combat veterans who want to share their military experience with teenagers Karen and her husband, Richard, have a website “Suffolk Progressive Vision” which was created to help Suffolk County progressive activists work in unity. Karen can be contacted at or 631-875-8647.


As a member of Pax Christi, Sheila Croke, attended a Youth and Militarism workshop organized by the American Friends Service Committee in Philadelphia , 2003. The workshop was an eye-opener! Alarmed by the extent of the Department of Defense outreach to vulnerable teenagers, she recognized the need for education and action on this issue and quickly found a creative, energetic partner in the Suffolk Peace Network and the Committee on counter-recruitment. They have worked together to inform students, parents, and educators concerning recruiters’ tactics and students’ rights. Croke, a retired elementary school teacher, is the administrator of Pax Christi Long Island , a region of the international Catholic peace movement. The issue of counter military recruitment is a key element in Pax Christi’s policy to reject war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination.

On the privacy issue alone in counter-recuitment, most parents are unaware that their teenager’s contact information is in the hands of the government, and unaware that upon signing a driver’s learning permit, a son’s name is entered into the Selective Service system. [PDF] mv44-dec 15 2006.qxp.How much do students understand about the Delayed Entry Program? Have they ever even heard the term “conscientious objector”? What’s the link between the Department of Defense, the Joint Advertising Market Reseach Studies and high school students? There is a huge information gap regarding these issues that vitally impact our young people. The LI Counter-Recruiting Committee is dedicated to filling that gap .


Upcoming meetings: At the May 2, 2007 gathering, the Babylon Green Party will host a Human Rights update with a local Amnesty International member. At the June 5, 2007 gathering, the Babylon Green Party will host an update of Green Party activities for the the 2008 Presidential Campaign. At the August 1, 2007 gathering, the Babylon Green Party will host an update of Immigration on LI. For directions to the Babylon Green Gathering, call 422-4702 or email Children are welcome. All gatherings are Free of Charge, and Open to the Public.

You can enroll in the Green Party by checking the box marked “Other” on the voter registration form and writing in the word “Green” on the line next to it. Click here to find a voter registration form. You can send donations to the Green Party of Suffolk,14 Robin Drive, Huntington, NY 11743.

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