Tell the FDA to be honest about irradiated foods!

What you can do: Tell the FDA to be honest about irradiated food!
In a stunning turnabout, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to let food producers drop the “irradiated” label and radiation symbol from foods that have been treated with radiation, except when the treatment changes a product’s material characteristics like taste, texture, or smell. Some irradiated foods may not be labeled at all; others may be labeled “pasteurized,” a term that refers to heating to a high temperature, a process completely different from exposure to radiation. The proposed change will mislead and confuse consumers, making it impossible for them to avoid irradiated food. Tell the FDA to continue to require the term “irradiated” on irradiated food! Visit, enter docket ID FDA-2007-0189-0001, click on one of the two “Views” options to read more about the FDA’s proposal, and click on the yellow balloon to add your comments.

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