Denise Romas @ Finch Mountain 4/29/07

Hi Everyone,


Just a reminder that, if you were interested in coming this Sunday when I open for Michael Smith   (whose song, “The Dutchman” has been a part of my repertoire for 30 years!! ), please call to reserve a spot… there is limited seating, since it is a house concert and I am not sure how many seats are left.


Details:   Call 661-1278   Karen/Jack Finkenberg. Their beautiful home is in Babylon Village….and a perfect setting …. they will give you directions.   $20… $5 of which Michael Smith will donate to PETA..    Pot luck gathering at 2:00…. bring a little something if you like.. something to drink…

I go on at 3 … do a small set.. followed by Michael Smith. Hope to see you there. (If you already reserved….great…. see you there!!)


All the best,

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