Web-based Software in a Political World


This article by CompleteCampaigns.com President, Benjamin Katz, originally appeared in “Constituent Relationship Management: The New Little Black Book of Politics” as published by the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet (IPDI). The publication can be ordered at www.ipdi.org .

Since the early days of professional campaign management, political operatives have been interested in data management — tracking voters, donors and opinion leaders has been key to a successful campaign. Early data management technology generally consisted of an alphabetized set of index cards. Over the past 10 years, the tools available to campaigns have dramatically improved in utility, ease-of-use and accessibility. Most recently, the rise of web-based software has revolutionized the campaign world, creating a fundamental shift in the way entire campaigns are run. No longer does each field office have to be its own island. We can connect volunteers, consultants, campaign headquarters and district offices in a way that allows all of us to work together. To use one of the new catch-phrases of the Internet, software has become a service.

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