The Greening Of The Peace Movement

The Greening Of The Peace Movement
by Eli Beckerman


Meanwhile the Green Party sits there, with ten key values that speak to all of this madness — well articulated yet lacking any semblance of being put into practice after years of trying. Community-based economics, grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom, non-violence, personal and global responsibility, future focus and sustainability speak for themselves. Respect for diversity would be a nice solution to the bipartisan bellowing of false threats of Islamofascism, while feminism and gender equity would truly change the balance of priorities and would most certainly knock militarism out of the go-to toolkit. An ecological party that sees the connectedness of issues and policies, and people and the natural world. A full-on alternative to the political, social, and economic structures that are either decaying or combusting before our very eyes. A vehicle for change that brings us closer to becoming participants rather than observers, problem-solvers rather than pawns, leaders rather than beggars.

That vehicle, sitting in the break-down lane, doesn’t need one driver, but millions. And it needs to get off that goddamned highway.

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