Stop the Un-Fair Elections Act Now!

Again, Common Cause, The Brennan Center, Public Citizen & US PIRG are trying to fund Democrats & Republicans while shutting out citizen candidates.    Here is their report promoting the law that does so.  Strangely enough, the report does not explain the two-tiered system for candidates.  It only labels non-corporate party candidates as “fringe” candidates.{FB3C17E2-CDD1-4DF6-92BE-BD4429893665}/BREAKING%20FREE%20FOR%20FAIR%20ELECTIONS.PDF

The act requires Third Party and Independent candidates to obtain 150% of the contributions required for Democrats & Republicans to get the same financing.  But you won’t find that anywhere on their Stop the Money Chase website.  they actually have the gall to state that “Fair Elections will add more voices to our political system, level the playing field”

Here is the actual law.  Read section 505 to find out about the unequal treatment.  Tell these organizations you’ve had enough.

“Jon Goldin-Dubois, Common Cause” <> wrote:
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 06:56:56 -0700
Subject: The biggest loser
From: “Jon Goldin-Dubois, Common Cause” <>

Dear Ian,

Stop The Money Chase

Stop big donors’ influence.

Tell the candidates to put US first.

As we approach the June 30th deadline for Presidential fundraising reports, I expect to hear a lot more of this:

Will Clinton raise more than Obama? How much TV time can John Edwards buy with money raised this quarter? Guess who’s headlining a $25,000 a head dinner for McCain?

Presidential fundraising – it’s like a reality show, with contestants scrambling over each other for money and prizes. Except it’s not some tabloid TV show – it’s reality. And when presidential candidates compete to win the fundraising game, you and I are the biggest losers.

Tell the candidates to support the Fair Elections Now Act and help put a stop to the money chase!

Our current system encourages candidates to put big-time donors first, and everyone else second. It also creates an unbalanced playing field – candidates who don’t spend enough time schmoozing donors won’t stand a chance.

So what’s the solution? Fair Elections. Legislation like the Fair Elections Now Act would:

  • Help prevent special interests from influencing the election process;
  • Make politicians accountable to the majority of voters – not a wealthy minority;
  • Level the playing field; and
  • Give candidates more time to focus on issues instead of fundraising.

On June 30th, you’ll really see why we launched The presidential fundraising numbers will be all over the news – and they’re expected to break records. It’s a perfect time to let the candidates know we’re not impressed with their war chests.

Click here to tell the candidates to Stop The Money Chase and support Fair Elections!

I don’t want the wealthiest and most connected candidate to win the 2008 presidential election. I want the best candidate to win. We know that Fair Elections are the answer; let’s tell the candidates to get on board.

Thanks for speaking up today.Sincerely,
Jon Goldin-Dubois
Common Cause

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