Failed US Senate Vote on Immigration Reform

Statement by Long Island Immigrant Alliance Executive Director Luis Valenzuela on the Failed US Senate Vote on Immigration Reform

The Long Island Immigrant Alliance is deeply saddened by the failure of the US Senate to pass meaningful immigration reform that is so desperately needed. Long Islanders demand comprehensive immigration reform that helps hard working immigrants on the path to citizenship. Washington’s failure of leadership is disappointing, and it is especially disappointing that many of our own representatives – including Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy – spoke out against the kind of comprehensive immigration reform that was supported overwhelmingly by the public.

The Long Island Immigrant Alliance looks forward to working with our local elected officials to do what Washington was unable to do: move away from hateful political rhetoric to form a stronger and more tolerant community and create the kinds of public policies that will strengthen our neighborhoods. Immigrants are contributing to our economy, adding much needed tax dollars to our local governments, creating new businesses, and bringing Long Island new jobs. In order to maximize their contributions, Long Island will pick up the slack where Washington has failed us. Working together we can build a stronger Long Island.

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