Elaine Brown on Prez ’08 race.

Dear Fellow Greens,

With regret, I will not be able to attend the national convention in Reading.

For the record, let me state here why I shall continue to seek the Green Party nomination for President. With the 2006 mass rejection of the Bush Administration’s policies, the People signified their readiness for a second political party.–It was not an embrace of the Democrats.–The Green Party is presently the only progressive party poised to seize this opportunity, toward electing progressives to national public office and
effecting progressive change in the U.S. The Green Party, however, lacks the numbers to benefit from the national political shift, particularly among black and other poor people, who compose what I call the “marginalized millions”–there being an estimated 100 million people who did not vote in the last election who could have voted. My history as a Black Panther Party leader, as, my work as a community activist, particularly with respect to the prisoner movement, my candidacy as a Green for mayor of Brunswick (Georgia), and my reach as a renown author and college lecturer, I believe, give me the credentials and ability to raise consciousness among the disaffected and disenfranchised poor and working millions, especially black people and working women, to galvanize them to support and vote for an agenda that serves their interests, that of the Green
Party. In this way, I hope to build the Party so as to work effectively toward establishment of a true second political party in the United States.

With love for the People,

Elaine Brown

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  1. Ms. Brown may have a good reason for not showing up in Reading. Why didn’t she give it.? I am getting tired of people not suiting up and showing up. I won’t vote for anyone running a virtual campaign over the web.

    I contributed to her campaign for mayor. I was very disturbed by her intemperate, ideological diatribe issued over the internet against others in the Green Party. She lost my support right then and there and would have some explaining to do to get me back on board.

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