6 String Island Opens Store for Independent’s Day

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One of the things that the Podarama podcasters feel strongly about is that we REALLY want the musicians to be able to make some money and get their music heard around the world. 


Since Six String Island has listeners in Italy, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, South America and Australia, it would be nice for them to be able to buy your songs. We just opened a store so you can do that, so check it out. The best part is you don’t have to pay a couple of thousand bucks to have your CD duplicated, since it is all downloads.


Bob Westcott, Sonny Meadows, Miles to Dayton, Stu Markus, Tim Atwell and a bunch of other people let us use their music to test the system, and now it works. Here is the info, so I hope you all check it out. 


Happy Independent’s Day! – Amy




In the 26 months since Podarama.com went online, it has grown to a listenership of over 7.5 million. The best part for us has been introducing the words and music of independent artists to the world. 


We want you to keep making your amazing music. We want you to be able to sell it to people who hear you on our podcasts, so we opened a store, so you can sell your music to this huge market, retaining all your rights and total control. 


You can do it all yourself. We give you a webpage with your own streaming radio program, pictures, blogs, and you can link it to your other pages.

And, to celebrate our Independents, the set-up fee is waived until Labor Day, September 3rd, 2007.

You keep 92% of all income from your music. And YOU set the price. As you sell more of your music, you earn points toward getting your music featured on a podcast aimed at your audience, 30 second commercial spots on featured podcasts, website banners, ads and more, to use wherever you like, on any site you choose. 

For serious acoustic musicians, we can create Audiophile Downloads at 320kbps of your songs, which is of far higher quality than what iTunes or CDBaby offers.

This is totally non-exclusive. We don’t own the rights to you, and don’t want to. We’re not a record label. We’re just here to sell your work to the global public. 

There is a one-time-ever $30 charge to set up a new CD in our store, or if you don’t have a full CD ready, $10 will set up 3 singles. If you are a total technophobe, for another $15, we can do everything for you.

For a detailed FAQ page, please go to http://www.podarama.com/faq/artist-faq_070107.html


If you want more info, contact Rich Arfin via email at richard.arfin@podarama.com


If this sounds pretty good, sign up as an artist, upload your music, and maybe soon we can all quit our day jobs to do what we love!

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