World Peace Vigil 8/6/07

Dear South Country Peace Group Members, Colleagues and Friends:

This year the SCPG will sponsor the 25th World Peace Vigil (WPV) and Community Dedication to Peace in the Village of Bellport on August 6th, marking 62 years since the unleashing of atomic weaponry which destroyed Hiroshima (and Nagasaki on August 9th).

We will again gather on the sidewalk in front of Woodland Cemetery (at 6:45 PM) on Station Rd in Bellport just a short distance south of Montauk Highway .  At 7:00 PM we will have a silent candlelight procession down Station Rd to the Bellport Bay where there will be an outdoor program of informative talks, poetry and music.  The program will be approximately an hour after which we invite all participants back to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (at 51 Browns Lane which is just a few minute walk away) for refreshments.  Please check for more information.

The SCPG Board urges your attention to the attached article and encourages you to share the piece with as many as possible.  We wish to demonstrate that large numbers of people are concerned with the continued buildup of nuclear arms, especially this year; please plan to attend and bring guests.

As some of you may be aware, we are currently in Federal District Court on First Amendment issues, after having met some constitutional challenges last year from the Village of Bellport , despite 23 prior years of peaceful demonstration and gathering.

So, please be there with us in Bellport on August 6 to act locally as we think globally.

Dennis Urlaub  Co-Chair

South Country Peace Group

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