Ahmad Ali for Suffolk County Executive 2007


Ahmad Ali is collecting signatures to run on the Green Party line for Suffolk County Executive. The incumbent County Executive is running on both the Democratic line and the Republic line. So, Ahmad’s campaign will give voters a much needed choice on the ballot.

The video above is from the half hour Green Party Show that appears on Woodbury Cablevision, Channel 20, Sundays at 11am. There is a shortened version of this video on youtube here.

Ahmad is a professional musician and a producer on WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio. Ahmad believes that we need fairness and equity in government policies as well as in tax rates. He wants more transparent and accountable government. He also thinks that we should support a program of inclusion that brings undocumented people into the American Dream. One part of this program would be the opening of a Hiring Center for undocumented workers.

Ahmad will need 1,500 signatures, just to have a chance, just to get on the ballot. If you can help to petition, please download the forms at www.gpsuffolk.org, onthewilderside.net, or call the Green Party of Suffolk at: (631) 351-5763.

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