Is Levy Getting His Comeuppance? Part 7: Levy as Chicken Little


We last reported that the “NO Deal Deal” had been struck and that Suffolk County Executive would get his $300 million sales tax in exchange for a hands-off policy in regards to any state-funded hiring hall.

Assembly big shot Sheldon Silver promised that the required vote would take place in September when members return from vacation.

So everything is just fine in a New York sort of way–until up pops Levy. Until….

Never one to leave things alone, the hyperactive Levy declares that he’s being forced to cut $8.8 million from the county budget, including postponing the new police recruits class.

Levy either doesn’t trust his old colleague Sheldon Silver’s word or he’s simply taking the opportunity to squeeze the last bastion of resistance to his growing dictatorship.

However, this recent act by Levy prompted Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Brentwood) to label him “Chicken Little” for claiming “the sky is falling.”

Of course, Chicken Little was right that the sky was falling in the recent movie. Well, not the sky but Alien Invaders. No wonder Levy is so obsessed with fighting aliens.

See Levy won’t wait for Silver’s Sept. promise.

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