Green Party National Committee Passes “Run Full Out” Resolution

from Ballot Access News

On August 23, the Green Party National Committee passed this resolution: “Be it resolved that the GPUS affirms one of its main purposes to be that of posing an electoral challenge to the corporate-funded and controlled two-party system. Be it resolved that the GPUS therefore declares its intention to run electoral campaigns full out, in order to promote its messages for peace, civil liberties, social justice, and environmental protection; in order to give voters an opportunity to cast votes for these values and create a new mandate; and in order to build the Green Party to be able to pose even stronger challenges. Full-out campaigns include running in all states possible as actively and as eagerly as possible, running on all Green Party ballot lines possible, participating in Green Party primary elections wherever possible, and running for all levels of public office for which the party is able to find credible candidates to run as Greens and sustain Green Party campaigns. Be it resolved that the GPUS encourages state and county Green Parties to stand firm against the pressure of lesser evilism, and to use it as an opportunity to promote the reforms of ranked voting (i.e., instant runoff voting and proportional representation).”

The resolution was voted on during the period April 17-23. It passed 63-15, with 8 abstentions. The 15 “no” votes were single votes from Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Tennessee, and two “no” votes from Indiana, Iowa, and Maine. Most states only have two votes on the Green National Committee, but a few states have additional votes. Thanks to Greg Jocoy for this news.

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