Tell LIPA by 9/25/07, we need Offshore Wind

WindWorks Letter to LIPA

We need wind power.

On September 25, 2007, the Long Island Power Authority will vote on whether to continue the review process for the Long Island Offshore Wind Park or abandon the project altogether. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Recent documents revealed that the offshore wind park would cost the typical residential consumer $2.50 a month—this means that, for $30 a year, Long Island can be the first in the nation to host an offshore wind project. Long Island can become a leader in America ’s Energy Independence future. Long Island can enjoy the benefits of clean, non-polluting energy.

The LIPA Board of Trustees will meet on September 25, 2007, at 11am at the OMNI Building , 333 Earle Ovington Boulevard , lower level, Uniondale , NY . The meeting is open to the public, and public comment will be accepted.

If you cannot attend the meeting, we urge you to write a letter to the LIPA Board of Trustees and let them know that you support clean energy!

Letter Writing Tips:

  1. Print your name and address under your signature.
  2. Make sure your letter is legible and in your own words
  3. Tell the Board of Trustees that you support clean, renewable offshore wind energy. Tell them that $2.50 is a small price to pay for clean, non-polluting energy. Let them know that Long Island needs to work towards energy independence.
  4. Address your letter to:

    LIPA Board of Trustees
    333 Earle Ovington Boulevard, Suite 403
    Uniondale , NY 11553

Additional Talking points:

  • Dirty fossil fuels cause harmful air pollution. Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide contribute to unhealthy levels of smog (ozone pollution) and fine particulate matter. These pollutants contribute to asthma, lung disease, and respiratory illnesses. Wind energy generates ZERO emissions. Clean energy brings us clean air, which protects our health!
  • Long Island derives 90% of its electricity from polluting fossil fuels. Wind energy does not require imported fuels from unstable countries and keeps our energy dollars at home. The Wind Park will save 13.5 million barrels of oil over 20 years. With oil prices now at $80 a barrel, that equals a fuel savings of over $1 billion for Long Islanders!
  • Greenhouse gases, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide are produced from burning fossil fuels. These gases trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere, changing our global climate. Pollution-free energy from the Wind Park will avoid 235,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year! The carbon savings are equivalent to ½ billion car miles avoided each year!

One Response

  1. Write and show up at the public board meeting at the LIPA offices on the 25th at 11 AM . After the way Riverhead officicals just pushed through a ski mountain that none of the community wanted – that will rob LI of more precious energy, we must make sure that the “people” are heard regarding wind. Over 70% if Long Islanders polled want this project. We want a cleaner future – let your voices ring !

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