Strong words for 3 parties…

Wow. You would have to be a follower of to understand how profound the quote below is. First of all, the site is run by Ron G basically as a service project to the political world. He is an important person. Second of all, while Ron G has been inclusive of third parties, he sometimes reveals a slight bias to the two parties. (I think his mom is a Democratic committee woman, if I recall.)

I am flabbergasted (and elated) at the following comments at (on a 9-21 post):

“Just pathetic. Yup, I’m ranting against the 72 US Senators — and particularly the 22 emasculated Democratic Senators who voted with the majority — who backed a shameful resolution on Thursday condemning a newspaper ad that criticized General Petraeus and President Bush’s never-ending war in Iraq. The only thing “disgusting” is the carnage of the Iraqi civil war…Shame on the 72 US Senators, and an extra dose of shame for the 22 Dems. Maybe the day is coming when we need to ditch our current two party system in favor of a three party system like in Canada…”

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