Letter to a Green-Friendly Democrat

Written by a Green colleague to his green-friendly Democrat friend from another state, when she wrote to him about a Democrat Senate candidate, and the possibility of supporting Kucinich:


This guy’s vison overlaps with half of mine.

He wants the Republican Party to go away.

I want the duopoly to be gone.

As I have said, the differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party do not make them different to me.

The Democrat Party cheated in elections….

Once a lady was trying to sell me a coupon book. It was for a BBQ store and they gave these discounts for a special of the day for every day.

I told her I don’t eat meat.

Then she went into a frenzy of trying to tell me that poultry and fish are not meat.

She even went to her car and brought a USDA brochure that said…. Poultry, Fish and Meat… and told me if they were the same, they would not have different words…they would be described by one word.

I told her to me, they are all pieces of dead or murdered animal corpses and a disgusting sight in a plate or on a table.

You also asked about Kucinich, and I did mean to answer.

He is a fine fellow.

A lot of time people ask me what I think of policepersons, and tell me their uncle, friend… are nice people.

Naturally it is not right to think that, as individuals, they are all the same.

And it is not as individuals that they should be judged.

The police FUNCTION in this society is not what the image portrays.

Their social function is to minimize competition for the rulers.

The chances of you, or any ordinary citizen, being reunited with anything stolen from you is slim.

But if a bank is robbed, and they don’t catch the robbers in a day, I personally think another bigger entity (than the bank) wanted to do them in.

This goes, at different levels of intensity, for most “jobs”: Their function is to benefit the power centers. 

Take very innocuous, even exalted “jobs” like teaching. They wish to think their function is to help the student develop her/his full potential. But their function, as a whole (not individuals) is to create a work force.  

I will not try to prove a conspiracy. If you think of it as ACTUAL conspiracy, there are few.

But the bulk of what people in power postions do, is VIRTUALLY a conspiracy to channel all social energy to power centers. And ALL underlings who are not consciously alert, help them. All infrastucture from customs, to entertainment, humor… are refined daily, to mold people into agents of channeling power one-way.

Do they KNOW they are doing it?

ACTUALLY they don’t.

But that does not matter. At some level of their consciousness they know. 

It is not what a candidate does, worse yet, promises to do. It is where they will concentrate power. Or how will they open the system to us, so we can, not just say things, but have a say….

Unfortunately you-know-who’s got it, at least superficailly, right: You are either with us, or with them

-Kalmran Alavi

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