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S.T.O.P. Collection Day/Fall Cleanup Day

The Town of Babylon is holding a Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (S.T.O.P.) collection day along with the Spring and Fall Cleanup Days.  This program allows residents to bring household hazardous wastes to the Town of Babylon Residential Recycling Center for safe disposal.  Participation in this program is vital to insure safe drinking water and a healthier environment for the future.  Please label all material.The following are examples of household hazardous wastes accepted by the Town:
• Acids • Aerosol cans • Antifreeze • Automotive fluids/care products • Bug and rodent killers • Cleaning products • Driveway sealer • Fluorescent bulbs • Freon canisters • Full propane cylinders • Gasoline • Granular fertilizer containing insecticide • Household batteries • Latex and oil paints and stains • Liquid chlorine • Mercury containing products • Pesticides/insecticides • Powdered chlorine • Thinners and reducers.

The following products will not be accepted at the S.T.O.P. collection days:
• Asbestos • Tires • Smoke detectors • Radioactive waste • Medical waste • Ammunition • Explosives • Construction and demolition debris • Unsorted solid waste • Non-hazardous recyclable materials • Unlabeled materials

For further information or questions regarding acceptable or unacceptable household waste materials, please call the Town of Babylon Residential Recycling Center at (631) 249-9347.  For information on proper disposal of the unacceptable items, please contact the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation at (631) 444-0240.

** Automobile batteries, empty propane tanks, and used motor oil may be brought to the Town of Babylon Recycling Center during normal business hours.

** Latex (water-based) paints, when dried out, may be double-bagged and thrown out with your regular garbage.

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