Steps toward a Sustainable LI

from Creating a Sustainable Long Island: It’s In Your Hands! by Amy Hagedorn AND Sarah Lansdale, Networking Magazine

  • Shop at locally owned stores and dine at locally owned restaurants, especially those in your community or nearby communities. Not only does that promote a vibrant downtown economy, but you’ll use less gas (an economic and environmental benefit) and secure the jobs of area residents
  • Buy locally grown produce and wine. (Less trucking from far-away places equals less pollution, and buying local contributes to the local economy and local job growth).
  • Join a community supported agriculture group.
  • Check into socially responsible investing (one good source:
  • Play an active role in the life of your town—and ensure that all members of your community are encouraged to participate in community activities and civic groups.
  • Actively seek out opinions from people who have different experiences or are from different socio-economic or cultural groups.
  • Teach English as a second language.
  • Purchase a home in a community that is diverse.

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