More Guns at Schools While Senate Stalls on Improving Background Checks

I’m once again heartbroken that a deranged teenager was so easily able to get his hands on two guns and ammunition, shooting four people before killing himself at a Cleveland school on Wednesday.

Together, we must stop senseless tragedies like this. And we can.

The first thing we must do is convince the U.S. Senate to strengthen the Brady background check system by passing the National Instant Check System (NICS) Improvement Act.

Next week will be the six-month anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy where 32 were shot and killed. Since then, almost 6,000 sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers have been murdered by guns.

Immediately following the Virginia Tech shootings, the Brady Campaign pressed elected officials by asking “What are YOU going to do about gun violence?”

In July, the U.S. House of Representatives took a courageous first step to keep guns out of the wrong hands by passing HR 2640, the NICS Improvement Act.

Many states fail to supply thousands of records of prohibited gun buyers to the national Brady background check system. The result is that felons, domestic violence abusers, and those who are dangerously mentally ill can walk into gun stores or gun shows and buy weapons without being stopped.

The NICS Improvement Act would address this critical problem.

But the U.S. Senate has failed to take action and get this bill passed. The consequences of their inaction are a steady drumbeat of gun deaths, more student shooting rampages, more carnage, and untold suffering by the victims and their families.

The Senate should act to pass this important bill!

The Brady Campaign is working full force to convince the U.S. Senate to pass this bill immediately. Tragically, 32 Americans are murdered by guns every day and we cannot afford to wait another day for them to take action.

We need your support today to put pressure on the U.S. Senate to pass this legislation and help stop the senseless violence.

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Sarah Brady, Chair

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  1. Why disempower people who have been psychiatrically diagnosed? Such people, on the whole, have lower rates of violent behavior than the public in general. People who get psychiatric help are more likley to be victims. See the comment by Dr. Lloyd Ross (the 8th post from the bottom) at:

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