Green Drinks LI 11/29/2007

The November 2007 event will be a fundraiser at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington which will feature an organic wine tasting and benefit both The Sierra Club of Long Island and Green Drinks. Please mark your calendars accordingly – [Thursday] November 29th.

Our Mission Statement is below. Please take the time to read it over and we welcome your feedback.

Green Drinks Long Island is dedicated to promoting the inclusive, dynamic environmentalism of the 21st century by providing a venue for its diverse body of participants to come together on a regular basis to collaborate, provide support and conduct the business of sustainability.

Green Drinks Long Island’s mission is to support this new wave of environmentalism comprised of a broad range of advocates including NGOs, educators, business people, government officials and people seeking to make a difference. These participants embrace a vital, healthy society powered by a clean, diverse, renewable energy strategy that will foster national security, promote a strong, durable economy and provide a sustainable future for our children.

Green Drinks Long Island believes that Long Island should be at the center of an energy revolution by means of its remarkable infrastructure of world-class universities, laboratories and it historic manufacturing base. Green Drinks Long Island seeks to provide a platform for the realization of a critical mass of such structures putting Long Island in the forefront of this industrial revolution of sustainable forms.

For Further Info Please Contact: David P. Sibek: 631-418-7239

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