Philanthropy Doesn’t Care About Black People

Rosetta Thurman on diversity in philanthropy

The October 18 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy confirmed what we in the nonprofit sector already knew: the nonprofit and philanthropic sector doesn’t do a very good job at this thing called diversity. Though the foundation world would have us believe that much progress is being made with the emergence of giving circles and donor communities of color, the reality is that it’s high time for the nonprofit sector to put race on the table. In fact, I titled this post as such because the expanded, cop-out definitions of diversity that include gender, religion, disability, and sexual orientation allow organizations to avoid the topic of race and pay lip service to the issue instead of making real cultural changes. Some food for thought:

• 82 percent of nonprofit CEOs are White
• 94 percent of foundation presidents are White
• 86 percent of board members are White

These statistics among the sector’s top leadership highlight the enormous disparity … >>Continue reading this post

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