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hey everyone. it’s brian from beat radio. we’ve got lots of exciting things to tell you about.

we’ve got a really special show coming up at the mercury lounge on wednesday november 14th at 830pm. the mercury lounge is located at 217 east houston street in new york, new york. we have 3 flyers for this show (1, 2, 3.) which one do you like the best?

we’re putting out a record that phil and i made together back in the fall of 2003 as a free digital download. it’s called when it comes on like a dream. you can find it over at a cinema of sunshine. here’s one of the songs from it:

looking for you (mp3)

hope you like it.

[I have the hard copy of this album, and am absolutely in love with it.  definitely download.  -isw]

also, we did some fun interviews with recently, and you can find them here. feel free to head over and maybe have a few laughs at our expense.

and we had a really amazing time at both of our cmj shows, thanks so much to everyone who came out. it was fantastic to see all of your beautiful faces. we posted a bunch of pics and cool blog reviews over at our myspace blog.

here’s another jam from back in the day:

ancient as the stars (ecstatic version)

hope to see you guys at the mercury lounge!

after that, we’re taking our act on the road for a couple shows in philly later this month. more on that soon.

hope you had like the best halloween ever.

a cinema of sunshine

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