Why would anyone NOT want to impeach Cheney?

More importantly, if one Democrat is brave enough to put up a resolution to impeach Dick Cheney, why would any other Democrat stop that from happening?

Everyone is telling me to tell my congressperson to support the bill to impeach Cheney.

How? Why? Does my congressperson listen? Does he care? Or, would my simple plea fall on deaf ears, or get stuck in the warehouse where they check the letters for anthrax? (Did we ever find out who laced those letters with anthrax? Homeland Security should get on that, you know.)

Here is where I am saying it. Hope my congressperson stumbles upon this blog post:

Dear Democrat and Republican Congresspeople:

Don’t be idiots. No one likes Cheney. We all know that he committed war crimes. And, that him and his friends also spied illegally on Americans. Vote yes to impeach Cheney.

Dear Democrats in congress:

If you can’t vote YES to impeach an unpopular leader, in the other party, who is a person who has defiled the constitution and supported torture and kidnapping and spying, then, really: What good are you?

Well, of course, I know you are good for nothing. That is why I am a green.

I guess Kucinich is good enough to present the proposal. Guess that is something… I suppose.

(And, speaking of brave, someone from the Kucinich campaign even called my house tonight looking for my husband. Guess it was about the impeachment thing, but still pretty interesting for a Democrat to call the former Co-Chair of the Green Party of New York State. Guess their marketing lists don’t have bios attached.)

Here is a list of Cheney’s offenses, in case you need them: here


H.Res. 333 to Impeach Cheney

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