Work for democracy today: Vote first. Then, call News12

Estelle Edwards has been excluded.

Estelle is running for Suffolk County Executive. She collected over the 1,500 signatures needed to get on the Libertarian line. Peter Busacca got 6,000 signatures to be on the Integrity Party line.

Yet, News 12 just ran a piece that suggested Steve Levy was running unopposed for County Executive.

Please call News 12 television at (516) 393-1200 and say that you think if they are going to mention Steve Levy, they should mention the other ballot-qualified candidates. (And, it would be very democratic of them to also mention the Green Party write-in candidate Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El as well.)

I do have to say, that the News 12 piece was raising concerns about the way that cross-endorsement and lack of a major party opponent makes voters frustrated and leaves voters with no choice. And, the visual listed Steve Levy as running “unopposed or cross-endorsed”. But, it led you to believe there was no one else. And, it is really unfair for News 12 not to mention Estelle Edwards and Peter Busacca, who by all measures are ballot-qualified candidates who deserve recognition, and Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El who was thrown off the ballot by Democrats and Republicans.

Americans need to hold the press accountable. The press should feel the responsibility of being the Fourth Estate, with a responsibility to tell the truth and inform voters. News 12 has a mixed record of providing coverage of third party and citizen candidates. Please write or e-mail them and ask them to do better next time.

As a matter of fact, there is still time for a correction and/or mention of Estelle Edwards, Peter Busacca, and Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El.

Today, Tuesday, November 6th is election day. First, please do your central job as a citizen of this country and vote. Then, please contact News 12 and ask them to do their job, and give the voters all the facts.

~Kimberly Wilder

P.S. Calling would be helpful and timely. But, if you want to e-mail them, here is an e-mail contact: / news12li at news12 dot com

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